With the job market becoming increasingly competitive in all aspects, more and more qualified candidates are putting their trust into professional recruitment to land them that job opportunity with big businesses and companies. So, here’s the real question; why aren’t you?

Let’s put this into perspective. You’ve been at the same company for 10 years now and the day by day repetition is eating away at you until you’ve had enough. It’s time to jump ship and find a new career. But what do you do? You open up that old MS Word file with your resume and start refreshing it until it’s ready to be sent out to any job opportunity that catches your eye. One week goes by, two weeks, three, four, no responses. You’re panicking, it’s been a month without income and the rent isn’t going to pay for itself. Well, there’s no need to alarm, it’s time to put your eggs in the basket of a professional recruiter and their recruitment agency

What is a Professional Recruitment Agency and How Do They Work?

Let’s start off with the basics. A recruitment agency is like the middle man between you, the qualified candidate, and the job opportunity being made available by the big businesses and companies. The main mission of a professional recruiter is to find the most qualified candidate for the job opportunity and make sure they get hired.

A recruiting agency can find potential qualified candidates in a few ways. The first way is by head hunting. Meaning professional recruiters will go out and seek people they deem as qualified candidates for job opportunities they’ve been tasked to fill. They can find these candidates on such resume hosting sites as Indeed, LinkedIn, or Monster.

The second way is by candidates applying to the job opportunities posted by the recruiting agency on their job board (like the one at ESF.careers).

After submitting your resume, you are then registered into the database of the recruiting agency. The advantage to this is that professional recruiters often do internal searches of their database for qualified candidates before resorting to head hunting because these databases are filled with potential qualified candidates.

The professional recruiter’s next task is to screen all the resumes submitted by the potential candidates, eliminating the ones that are unqualified. After all the screening is done, each and every qualified candidate will be personally contacted by the professional recruiter assigned to that job role. The professional recruiter will now tell you that your resume is going be sent to the hiring company for further screening and potential interviewing to see if the company views you as a qualified candidate.

A few days go by and then you hear it, the phone call you’ve been waiting for. It’s the professional recruiter telling you that the company views you as a qualified candidate and wants to interview you. The professional recruiter now coordinates with you and the hiring company to schedule as many interviews as desired by the company while being in constant contact with you to assure every need is met. After the company views you as the qualified candidate they want to hire, the recruiter then works out contract details and issues between the company and you. Some of these issues include salary and relocation packages if necessary.

What are the Advantages of Using a Professional Recruitment Agency?

You might be thinking, “Why don’t I just apply to these companies directly instead of going through a professional recruiting agency and using a professional recruiter?”  Well there are several reasons why going through a recruiting agency and why using a professional recruiter has its advantages.

One of the biggest advantages is recruitment agencies and professional recruiters do the work for you. All you have to do is show up for interviews and nail it.

Professional recruiters will often amend and boost your resume. They’ll give you a call and while talking one on one about your resume, the professional recruiter will fix any grammar mistakes and enforce sentence structure.

Recruitment agencies are free. They do not cost you a penny. There is no cost for the qualified candidate as the only exchange of money is the fee being paid by the companies to the recruiting agency.

Recruitment agencies has and endless network of contacts. Professional recruiters are always networking with qualified candidates and clients so an opportunity can always arise out of nowhere.

Some recruiting agencies are exclusive. This means that many companies or clients will provide them with job opportunities not available to qualified candidates who are searching on their own.

Recruitment agencies are with you every step of the way. The only way recruitment agencies and professional recruiters make money is by placing their qualified candidates. They want you to get hired. This ensures they will do everything in their power to get the qualified candidate their job.

Recruitment agencies are a goldmine of knowledge of the labor market and different industries. Professional recruiters know most of their companies inside and out as they are always communicating. This helps you, the qualified candidate, as the professional recruiter can give specific insider information to aid you in an interview.

Finding a new job is a tremendous task for someone to do alone. Give a recruiting agency and chance and trust in a professional recruiter to launch you into your next career. Visit ESF.careers to get started today.